Best Thanksgiving, Ever

2015 Award Winner:
Silver for Email Marketing: Humor and Comedy—W3 Awards

Silver for Email Marketing: Consumer Goods—W3 Awards

Award Of Distinction (Silver) for Online Advertising & Marketing: Email Marketing—Communicator Awards

Finalist for Email: Campaign or Standalone—OMMA Awards


Turkey dinners, pumpkin pie, family, friends and thanks for this year’s blessings are a recipe for a successful Thanksgiving dinner. Capitalizing on marketing insight and consumer behavior of years past, we knew Thanksgiving would become one of the most important Cyber Holidays in terms of online and mobile shopping. Our recipe for a successful Thanksgiving email was a mix of personalization and a unique graphic.


Leading with members names added a nice touch of personalization, paired with the tagline ‘Best Thanksgiving, Ever’ created a storybook headline. Our story is represented by a cloud of craze that ensues at the beginning of Thanksgiving cooking, much like craze of the start of the holiday shopping season.


With the increase of mobile phone and tablet shopping specifically on Thanksgiving Day, we wanted to provide members with the optimal shopping experience. Whether viewing this email on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, we wanted to strategically display on three of the most popular stores in efforts to lead members to see all the stores in the promotion with a separate call-to-action.

Take Your Cash Back to New Heights

2015 Award Winner:
Silver for Email Marketing: Banking/Bill Paying—W3 Awards


Sending out a credit card application email is…well not something new. In fact, consumers are inundated with credit card applications in emails, direct mail and advertisements every day. We were faced with the challenge of standing out from the crowd and from our own promotional emails. With the belief that our credit card is one of the best in terms of Cash Back features, we focused less on a feature-rich email and focused more on evoking an emotional response with the use of an intriguing graphic. Instead of focusing on what our card can get you, we focused more on what our card can do for you and how it would make you feel.


As a result of trying to create more of a buzz, rather than sell, sell, sell, we found a 33% increase in click-through rates compared to a feature-rich email that was sent to our pre-approved members.

Mobile Monday

2015 Award Winner:
Silver for Marketing Effectiveness: Consumer Goods—W3 Awards

Award Of Distinction (Silver) for Marketing Effectiveness: Integrated Campaign—Communicator Awards


We created Mobile Monday to get ahead of the what our 2014 holiday historical data indicated — that Black Friday shopping activity was creeping forward into Thanksgiving day. As such, we anticipated people around the country picking up their mobile devices after Thanksgiving dinner and engaging in mobile commerce in a big, big way. Ebates wanted to be right in front of them when they did — thus the creation Ebates Mobile Monday, our monthly one-day-only mobile exclusive promotion.

We had two primary Mobile Monday goals going in:

  • Goal #1: App downloads — Use app exclusive Cash Back to drive existing members to install the Ebates app
  • Goal #2: Drive increased Shopping Trips, Order Size and Sales


The single biggest challenge to our teams working on Mobile Monday was that we had never done anything like this before and we were introducing Mobile Monday at the busiest time of our calendar year — the holiday season. Technically, we had to tune our internal system to allow for different/increased Cash Back values on mobile vs. desktop. Once we solved for this on the back end, we had to create all of the following assets from scratch:

  1. A Mobile Monday logo that fit the Ebates brand
  2. Three versions of a Promo Email: Start, Promo and Last Change
  3. Sticky Footer that is targeted to users who have not downloaded the app, which is persistently displayed on the homepage. We also created a feature for the user to text themselves a link to the proper app store for a smoother experience.
  4. Site banners – multiple sizes and locations
  5. Mobile Landing Page

Methods and Strategies 

Use Mobile Website and Desktop Site to Promote App on Home Page
  • Promo element showed stores participating in App Exclusive Cash Back
  • Copy promoted the difference in Cash Back members can earn in app and on site
Mobile Sites will show mobile exclusive Cash Back on participating Store Pages
  • Showed difference between App and Site Cash Back
  • Displayed Install Button if you didn’t have the App already installed
  • Displayed Open App button if you had the App installed already
Custom Interstitial for Stores Offering Mobile Exclusive Cash Back
  • It prompted desktop & mobile to download for extra Cash Back
  • If user selects “continue”, they would earn their normal amount of Cash Back
Push Notifications & Email were personalized to show stores offering extra Cash Back
  • Push & Email opened to a custom page in the Ebates app showing personalized stores


Ebates launched its first Mobile Monday promotion on November 24, 2014 to overwhelming success. Tens of thousands of shoppers downloaded the Ebates app on their smartphones and tablets and spent an average of $148 shopping at the stores included in the promotion. 

  • $230% Increase in Shopping Trips*
  • 485% increase in Sales*
  • 97% Increase in Order Size*
  • *Increase in Sales were measured comparing November 2014 Mobile Monday vs. Avg. 5 Days prior

Here’s why we love Ebates Mobile Monday:

  • Mobile Monday drives Ebates members to an optimized mobile experience
  • The mobile channel drives impulse buying through the added Cash Back on mobile app
  • Brands consistently see an increase in ROI and Sales through Mobile Monday
  • Mobile Monday is an effective tool in promoting brands on Ebates

Because You Are Deer to Us

2015 Award Winner:
Award Of Distinction (Silver) for Online Advertising & Marketing: Email Marketing—Communicator Awards

Best Shopping Email Message—IAC


The Holidays are sure to bring out the best of the best of awkward family portraits – from ugly sweaters to awkward poses and cheesy smiles to the somewhat unexplainable. You know what we’re talking about. No matter if your family portrait is picture perfect or photo funky, you get to wish all your friends and extended family a customized season’s greetings.


Knowing our audience was key in our ability to create an email that was not a typical email, but something that would grab attention and create some holiday cheer. We combined perfection with funky in our first holiday Friends & Family bonus email. ‘Because You Are Deer to Us’ is our representation of an Ebates holiday family portrait with a play on words to give it an added touch of fun.


The email was intended to announce our new Friends & Family bonus and less of a promotional email. With a low delivery count, an open rate of over 60% could be expected. However, with a click-thru rate over 30% and conversion rate of over 26%, it became one of our highest converting emails of the year and opened up opportunities for us to experiment in the future.

‘Twas the Days Before Cyber Week

2015 Award Winner:
Award Of Excellence (Gold) for Content Marketing: Email Marketing—Communicator Awards

Best Email Industry Email Message—IAC

Finalist for Email: Campaign or Standalone—OMMA Awards


When the consumer floodgates opened at thousands of stores across America on Black Friday or the trendier Thanksgiving Day, Ebates Members were eating pumpkin pie with family and friends by the fire in their warm and comfy homes. Did they miss out on deals? Not a chance. Did they miss out on savings? Nope. Did they miss out on long lines and overcrowded parking lots? You bet. Ebates Members are savvy shoppers who shop online and on apps, and that’s why we love them so much.


This year, we had to figure out how to let our members plan ahead and avoid the in-store shopping headaches. With many promotions in a short period of time, we created a ‘Holiday Save the Dates’ letting all of our members know about new promotions and the start times of our existing promotions. Members got a head start on gifting with promotions that were live, but also were able to plan for the biggest Cash Back promotions of the year.


We admit that the shopping mall decorations and Christmas carols get us all in the holiday spirit…for about the first 5 minutes. So we decided to throw in a Christmas carol and some holiday creative décor of our own, Ebates style. Our version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas was tweaked to preview our Holiday promotions and get our members in the holiday giving spirit.