Cash Back Year-In-Review

2016 Award Winner:

Outstanding Email Message—IAC Awards

Award Of Distinction (Silver) for Content Marketing: Email Marketing—Communicator Awards


The end of the year is a great time to reflect and give customers a snapshot on their successes of the entire year. For the first time, Ebates created a year-in-review email that was personalized to each individual customer with a breakdown of all of the Cash Back they received in 2015.

The original intent was to inform customers of their smart shopping habits and let them know how important Ebates is in their lives in a more cumulative way compared to simple every day messaging. As the design progressed to include a breakdown of Cash Back by channel, we decided to take advantage of this opportunity and cross promote new channels that customers were not using. We prepared two or more messaging options per channel that would be used dependent on the customers shopping habit. For example, if a customer had earned Cash Back using our mobile app, they would receive one message. If a customer, had not earned any Cash Back using our mobile app, they would receive a different message that would promote downloading our app. Using Movable Ink, we were able to intertwine congratulatory messaging and product promotions seamlessly into a design that was personalized to each member.


  • Open rate – 29.26% (Unique Open rate baseline is typically 10% to 16% for promotional email)
  • CTR – 1.98% (Unique CTR baseline is typically 1% to 3% for promotional email)
  • Conversion Rate – 19.61% (Conversion Rate baseline is typically 10% to 20% for promotional email)